Company Profile

“Great class! Huge sense of community in the studio. It’s nice to feel like your presence is valuable to a class like that.”

“I’ve tried a couple of HIIT based workout classes across Manhattan and Brooklyn but Session is by far my favorite!”

“I love classes at Session! I love that the environment allows for an intense workout, but without being intimidating. One of my fave places to workout!”

The Work

Located just of the foot of the Williamsburg Bridge, SESSION launched in 2018 with the intention to make boutique fitness an inviting, safe and inclusive experience while maintaining a high level of training intensity.

To showcase their unique studio design and taste, knowledgeable staff, lack of pomp, and class efficiency, SESSION enlisted Freefall to manage their social media accounts, facilitate brand partnerships, and nurture influencer relationships in the local community.

Freefall uses a blend of assets from photoshoots, user generated content and less-staged owned content to deliver an informative, motivating and community focused aesthetic resulting in organic Instagram growth of 131% over a 24 month span.

Brand partners include Therabody, Lululemon, Bodyscience, Outdoor Voices, Whoop, Apothecanna, good! Snacks.

Influencer relationships include Rob Pannell, Kirsy Lovett and Amrit Sidhu.